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Pre-order JAPONISM 2015 Goods (Tokyo)


Hello again!

I`m taking the pre-order for Japonism 2015 Goods in TOKYO!

Price (not included Shipping and Paypal Fee)

Pamphlet USD25
Jumbo Uchiwa (5 types)* USD9
Clear File (6 types)* USD7 (each)/ USD39 (all)
Zekkouchouchou! Light USD26
Shopping Bag USD20
T-Shirt USD29
Blanket USD21
Drawstring Pouch USD16
Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth USD13
Gratitude Envelope USD7
Japonism Calendar 2016 USD18
Mini Uchiwa USD7
Japanese Sticker USD6
Masking Tape (Venue Limited)** USD8

*Specify your order (A/M/N/O/S or Group)
** So far no limitation for Tokyo limited goods but we can close the order anytime we reached the quota. We have 3 pieces for each other venue (Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka) but you will be charged USD1.5 for each.

We don`t take order for Poster.
We don`t accept order for Venue Limited good only. You have to order at least with 1 goods.

Batch 1 ORDER : November 28th
Payment : November 30th 23:00 Japan time

Batch 2 ORDER : December 21th
Paymbet : December 23th 13:00 Japan time

Pre-order Details :
1. Goods will be purchased at Tokyo
3. A full refund will be sent if we are not able to buy the goods.
4. You can combine your order with other goods

Shipping Details :
1. All of the goods will be shipped in the beginning of January 2016 from Japan
2. Shipping options : EMS or Registered Mail (I prefer EMS)
3. I am not liable for any orders being lost/damaged during shipping
4. Goods can be shipped together with other goods.

Payment Details :
1. There will be 2 step of payment: Goods Payment & Shipping Payment
2. Your order will be valid after I accept the payment for goods.
3. I will send the Shipping payment invoice after weighing your goods, especially if you want to combine with other goods. This way is better to avoid the extra or minus for shipping fee.

Ordering Format :
Send PM with subject : Japonism 2015
Name :
Paypal Address :
Shipping Address :
Shipping option :
Item & Amount :

PS : Hawaii goods are still available. If you`d like to combine the goods, just add *+ Arashi Blast goods* on the subject.



Nov. 13th, 2015 12:25 pm (UTC)

I'm interested in following goods, are they avaliable. and how much in total for shipping to Stockholm Sweden?

Shopping Bag USD20
Blanket USD21
Drawstring Pouch USD16



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